Here's just a small sampling of the projects over the years. 

Our priority is to make learning fun and engaging. Change Institute is designed to explore many facets of the country, including some of the most pressing issues impacting people and the environment. We have worked with our partners, The Sojourner Foundation, to identify a vital realm of focus: Food sustainability and justice. 

Importing the vast majority of food eaten, coupled with the deep and painful agricultural history, Barbados is an interesting place to learn about food.  While there, we experience fresh caught seafood while dining at Oistens and learning local fisher culture. We learn about local food production while learning to make goat cheese. We get our hand dirty while volunteering with local, grassroots farm, Kamp Deed. Ambassadors also attend multiple farmers market events where we interview farmers and producers from all over the island, and have multiple hands on workshops to figure how all of these things and more are relevant to Barbados and our lives in the US.  

Understanding food systems is quite the dynamic.  After all, we all have to eat!  Come join Change Institute to explore how food can be the center that connects us all!

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Leadership training- Miami beach, barbados



Culture sharing- christ church, barbados



harrisons cave- barbados