7-14-16- Kamp Deed by Taliya Simmons

7-14-16: Today we went to Kamp Deed and worked with David and Sky to create a wifi shaped piece of land to plant bananas, aloe vera and grass. The wifi symbol is to represent a strong and lasting connection between both North Carolina and Barbados, and Sojourner foundation and Change institute. We had to dig trench like lines in the dirt to separate the “wifi bars” to separate the plants and to allow water to flow through. We also looked at the bamboo trees and learned how using bamboo to build things will be stronger than traditional materials. Even though it was very hot and hard to believe that they do this everyday, it was a good learning experience and I’m thankful.

My visit to the United Nations: by Milequa Eason

Today I was given the wonderful opportunity to take a study tour of the United Nation house located in Barbados. Not only that, I also had the pleasure to speak with Natalie Jones (UN coordination analysts). The United Nation is an international organization founded in 1945 created to maintain international peace and promote human rights. Their mission is to built a better world by strengthening and improving the United Nations through the engagement or people who share a global mindset, and support international cooperation. We learnt about the different projects and programs that they have to offer and how they suppose to help the people . The program that caught my attention the most was the UN women. The UN woman organization is dedicated to gender equality and empowerment. The UN women also focus on poverty issues and violent against women .