2016 Youth Ambassador- Shemsaa Lynch-Wade

2016 Youth Ambassador- Shemsaa Lynch-Wade

Areas of learning include, but are not limited to:

Food Deserts | Aquaponics |Aquaculture |Agriculture |Horticulture | Community gardening |Social justice |Movements in history | Community organizing

Being an Ambassador is a privilege and an honor. As an Ambassador, you should constantly strive to treat the position accordingly.

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Policies and Responsibilities: Change Institute Ambassadors are an exclusive group of youth representing the project and the parent company, Social Designs.  In an effort to make the institute enjoyable, beneficial, and successful, the following guidelines are in place:

1.  Ambassador Seminars: Ambassadors are required to attend all orientation pre-departure sessions. The orientation sessions will be held in person, Google Hangout, and conference call. 

2. Weekly Blogs & Vlogs: Youth will be required to complete a monthly blog or vlog to document their progress in the institute. This documentation is a great way for the youth to communicate with the family, friends, and community of their learning and development. A total of four blogs or vlogs will be required before departure and four while abroad. Updates will be posted on our Facebook, blog pages, and Twitter.  It is the students’ responsibility to stay current on the articles, posts, books, etc. pertaining to seminar topics and trends in social change and social justice.  We will provide suggested articles and books.

 3. Projects & Presentations: Youth of the Change Institute will complete an environmental sustainability project while abroad. All projects will serve an immediate need and address long-term sustainability. The 2020 project will focus on Food Systems & Justice.


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Have you ever been in a position of leadership? If so, in what ways? Please list in detail your experiences and how your experiences have impacted you. For example, babysitting, sports, group activities, school projects. *300 WORD MINIMUM
The Change Institute International is a program offering training to you to become a change agent. Change agents are people who are passionate about creating positive change in the world. If you could create a project or program that addressed a social justice issue or a food security issue in your local community, what would it be and how would you implement the project? *500 WORD MINIMUM